Vortex's Latest Kill!

Vortex's Latest Kill!
Heroic Yor'sahj

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello Blizzard,

Your arena system is completely retarded. I love how teams rated 250 points above me, gain 20 points when they beat me, yet when I beat a team at my level, I gain 5. I also love how, no matter how hard I try, every plate cleave team with Double DBW and Double Shadow's Edge will annihilate me, because I have 1 cd, with only a 20% reduction. DBW increases your damage by over 20%, so I still lose. I also love how Mages and Hunters and Paladins and Rogues and like every class BUT the 2 I play with have 40 cooldowns that they can pop and have no repercussions. Oh and buff the Cyclone range please and thank you.

Also, you're dumb Blizzard.




  1. Rolard, be my 2's partner, easy 2k np. Yah and ur blog sucks sometimes.

  2. Double boomkin would be pretty amazing, not even gonna lie.

    Somtimes? pfft my blog sucks all the time.