Vortex's Latest Kill!

Vortex's Latest Kill!
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Halion Bested!!

Well, after only 2 nights of attempts, we managed to down Halion 10 man! This was definitely a difficult fight to pick up at first, but once you know what to expect, it's a simple execution fight. I'll outline our strategy below:

Our raid comp:

1 Feral Tank
1 Protection Paladin Tank
1 Disc Priest Healer
1 Holy Priest Healer
1 Resto Druid Healer
1 Balance Druid
1 Hunter
1 Destruction Warlock
1 Arcane Mage
1 Elemental Shaman

Phase 1: This is the phase in which your entire raid fights Halion in the physical realm. Halion has 3 main abilities. The first is his Combustion marks. Halion places a sheath of fire on a random raid member, which deals damage every 2 seconds until dispelled. Every time it deals damage it adds a combustion mark to its target. The sheath and marks are dispel-able by anyone who can remove curses or magic. When the marks are removed, a void zone is placed at the feet of the player. The zone deals fire damage to anyone who stands in it, and shoots anyone who is on top of it when it spawns, across the realm, dealing damage. Halion will periodically fire a meteor at a random raid member, much like rocket strikes in Mimiron. The meteor will explode upon touching the ground, dealing massive damage to anyone within a 12 yard range. Upon explosion, the meteor will shoot flames across the map. The flames should be avoided at all cost. Halion also does regular dragon type abilities, including a flame breath, tail whip stun, and cleave. Halion stays in this phase until he reaches 75% life. Below is a drawing to illustrate void zone placement and where our tank tanked him.

Phase 2: When Halion reaches 75%, he opens a portal to the twilight realm. Upon entering the twilight realm, you will be fighting Twilight Halion, therefore make sure your off tank goes in first and picks him up quickly. Twilight Halion has mostly the same abilities as regular Halion, yet with a few changes. The Combustion Marks concept stays exactly the same, except they are now Shadow Marks. When a shadow void zone is dropped, it will pull nearby players in, such as the gravity bombs from Hardmode XT. They can still be cleansed by curse or magic removal. While you are in the Twilight Realm, there will be 2 magic balls flying around the outside edge of the room. Every 20 seconds, these balls will fire a beam between them, lasting for 10 seconds. The beam will kill anyone who touches it, so the raid must avoid them at all costs. There will be an emote to show when the balls are about to start the beam. There is also a raid wide AOE going out, much like the BQL aura, or the trash before DW aura. This phase continues until phase 3. Below is a illustration to show how to rotate the dragon and raid during the beam.

Phase 3: In phase 3, the raid must split, much like in the Kalecgos encounter from SWP. You can stay within the same realm the entire phase however. You can also travel between the two as needed, by using portals throughout the zone. Phase 3 has all the same abilities as phase 1 and 2, on their respective realms, with one added ability, corporeality. Corporeality causes Halion to deal and take more damage, based off which realm is dealing more damage. As the physical realm does more damage, the physical realm deals and takes less damage, but the twilight realm deals and takes more damage. If the corporeality becomes to high, the shadow damage can destroy the raid. Phase 3 is all about keeping the corporeality equal.

Our raid split up like so:

Physical Realm:

1 Feral Tank
1 Holy Priest
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Arcane Mage
1 Destro Lock

Twilight Realm:

1 Prot Paladin
1 Resto Druid
1 Disc Priest
1 Huntard
1 Balance Druid

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