Vortex's Latest Kill!

Vortex's Latest Kill!
Heroic Yor'sahj

Monday, June 7, 2010

The World Of Warcraft is Square?!

So, last night Ithson, Gromslol and I were messing around in BWL, when I suggested that we go see the edge of the world. First attempt resulted in 3 deaths and 3 spirit resurrections. We loaded up and tried again. This time we made it to the edge, and I managed to find a spot where I could refill my fatigue bar.... Ithson, not so much. He jumped and tried to bubble, but it didn't work. Gromslol died as well. I started running along the edge and managed to find this spot, which proves that the edge is a square. I followed the edge farther until my Water Walking ran out, and I was unable to refill my fatigue bar. So I fell and died, being forced to rez in Azshara?!. We started in Durotar :O.

Oh and also. The picture explains itself

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