Vortex's Latest Kill!

Vortex's Latest Kill!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Fluffy

So, I was lurking the blog of the better of the 3 druids in Vortex (Kaelynn over at Dreambound) and came across her first post, which basically out lines her life story right down to the log cabin she was born in on that lonely winter night. :P

But really, I figured I would take a few moments to tell you guys (all 1 of you :D) about the man (or boy, however you wanna look at it :|) behind the feathers.

Who is Beranabus, IRL?

Well, Hi! I'm Alex. I live in the US (although I have a certain fondness of Canada that just can't be explained). Unfortunately, I still attend that crap-hole called High School, and I won't be 18 until later in the year. I guess that gives me plenty of time to play WoW huh? I play instruments, you know, stuff the chicks dig.

Book Nerd Moment: Beranabus is actually a book character from a series I read a few years back. It's by an author named "Darren Shann". The series is called "Demonata", and consists of ~10 books, which are still currently being released. He also has another series that he is more known for, called "Cirque De Freak". Basically Demonata is about demons and the struggle between humans and demons, and Cirque De Freak is the struggle of a young teenager becoming a vampire. I recommend these series to EVERYONE, although the latter being a bit more kid friendly than the former.

Who is Beranabus, Ingame?

Beranabus is a male tauren balance druid, rocking a fail resto off set. However, he hasn't always been that way, heck, he hasn't always been a he! Beranabus began with the aspirations of being a Kick Butt Meele Tree (and honestly, after 2 years I'm happy to say he has still retained that dream, all be it in a different way). When Beranabus first began, he went under a different alias, and gender. Beranabus was known as Rolarda of Durotan-US. She was a night elf female. Rolarda was started shortly before WoTLK came out, about 2 months before. She never reached 70 and raided, and infact didn't reach 80 until a few months before Ulduar was released. Rolarda leveled slowly but surely as a resto druid, running the odd instances here and there. (This is before LFD had been implemented, crazy I know).
When free realm transfers were opened to Nessingway-US, Rolarda migrated over there to join up with a friend (who quit on me 2 weeks later :| danngit Groz <3). After migration, Rolarda stayed innactive, as WoTLK had just came out. I began focusing on my current main (Rolard, Gnome rogue), leveling him up to 80 as quick as possible, 3rd 80 in my casual guild, amazing feat I know thank you. After my Rogue was 80, I began focusing on my DK tank, (Rolardo, Gnome, you can see the trend in my amazing naming right?). Before long Rolardo was 80, and Rolarda was still on Nessingwary-US, at level 55. Finally, I decided I was gonna do it, I was gonna level Rolarda. So I payed to transfer Rolarda back to Durotan-US and quickly leveled her.

My Raid Experience:

As I said, I didn't start until shortly after Sunwell was released so, due to the attunments, I was pretty much screwed about trying to get in to a decent raiding guild. I did Kara runs with my casual guild on my rogue, and that's about it. So i suppose you can call me a WoTLK raider. When WoTLK hit, I made quick progress in finding a raiding guild. I located a guild who was recruiting rogues, and made my way in. They happened to be 3rd on the server and 2nd on alliance. I then raided from Naxx all the way through Ulduar with them, clearing everything in 3.0 and all of Ulduar with a couple odd HM's. I also raided Naxx and Ulduar two other times a week on my DK and Druid, as Tank and Resto respectively. When ToTC hit, I had to take a break from raiding (Late nights were messing with my school work). I was able to come back, however, within 3 weeks. This time though, I was back on my resto druid, in a strict 10 man guild. We managed to finish all the Ulduar HM's and do 4/5 ToGC 10 before the guild desenegrated. R.I.P Prophets of Fury <3. It was around this time that Faction Changes were released.
Well, a majority of my old 25 man Naxx/Ulduar guild went horde side, and merged with another guild. I put in an app over there and got in on my rogue, and raided 4/5 ToGC 25 man up until the week before ICC came out. During this time, I brought Rolarda over horde side, but I made her a male tauren, however I kept the same name. TBH Female Taurens are ugly to me. :|. The week before ICC came out, I was approached by my Officer and asked if I could become the new guild feral druid. I accepted, and began to gear myself up. ICC in 232 badge gear FTW. But, I raided up through Blood Wing as feral, but finally decided to take another break, I just wasn't enjoying feral dps in 25 mans (to much lolag) After I came back from my break I found Vortex and it's been love ever since.

Scythe says I play to much:

Yeah, I currently have 4 80's, IDK if this means I play to much but yeah. My new main alt is actually my Ret Paladin, whom I love facerolling as. My DK also managed to make the trip to Turalyon-US, however my Rogue was left behind, my way of keeping in touch with my friends and family.

Well, That's it. That's me. Hopefully I didn't crit you to hard with my Wall of Text :P.



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  1. I approve the subtle burn on Scythe in the first sentence. :D