Vortex's Latest Kill!

Vortex's Latest Kill!
Heroic Yor'sahj

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good News Everyone!

Welp, we did it... Yay! Malecimo! We did it! *Que Dora music*

But really... We finally managed to kill Putricide this past Tuesday, pushing us up to 11/12 HM. Honestly, even though we wiped on him for countless hours and about 3 weeks, after it was all said and done... I found myself asking if we had forgotten to put it on HM. The fight was just to easy. I mean, even phase 3 seemed like a joke, as I didn't have to move for slime AT ALL. Now this may be due to some lucky placement... but really.

I'm gonna go ahead and outline our basic strategy here:

Our Raid Comp:
1 Prot Pally
1 Feral Druid Tank
1 Balance Druid
1 Hunter
1 Arcane Mage
1 Elemental Shaman
2 Destro Locks
1 Resto Druid
1 Resto Shaman

Before the fight we went ahead and assigned a disease order which went something like this:

Hunter-->Lock-->Balance Druid-->Mage-->Elemental Shaman

If the disease started anywhere within the chain, we would continue it like normal, but if it started on a healer or our other lock, we would have the hunter pick it up off them and begin the chain. The diseased person stood as close to the center of the circle in PP's room as possible, as this was the disease pick up-drop off point. It was the responsibility of the person picking up the disease to make sure they made it on time, with vocal communication of course.

When a green slime spawned, we all grouped up in a predetermined spot (as shown in the photo below), and faced a predetermined direction, and usually used myself (the giant chicken), as a marker. We usually would kill the slime before it reached us, or we would just be knocked back into the alcove facing Festergut's room. We used the same location during the transitions as well. If the green slime targeted the person with the diseased, we decided as a group to let them die. (We had 2 brezes 2 shaman pops and 1 soul stone available during the fight, so this might not work as well for you).

When an orange slime spawned, it was kited like normal and dpsed down quickly. Both slimes were slowed during the transition by our Abom. We would also normally only have only 1-2 slime spawns before the phase 1 transition, allowing the disease to die off before the transition slimes target.

We used blood lust during the phase 2 transition, to clean up the slimes as quick as possible.

Phase 3 was done like normal, with out tanks taunting every 2 stacks. We did have a warlock pre soul stone himself, and take the disease and stand in a corner to die, to remove the disease from phase 3, however our resto druid was like NOOOOO and saved him, so his death was not needed.

Picture key:
XD-Diseased Dps
T-PP's Table

Regular Phase 1 and 2 Positions:

Transition Positions:

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